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Freak Show

by Always the Quiet Ones

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Alexander Lynham
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Alexander Lynham In some ways it's not as consistent as their first EP, but the closer, title track 'Freak Show' was probably ATQO's best single track. Stunning. Favorite track: Freak Show.
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Special thanks to:
At Any Time, Rich Turvey and Parr Street Studios, Brittany Hayes


released May 14, 2011

01. “Sign of the Times” by Blas Barragan, Joe Danher
02. “Valentina” by Blas Barragan, Joe Danher
03. “Freak Show” by Blas Barragan, Joe Danher, Adam Lucas
Lyrics by Blas Barragan
All songs arranged by Always the Quiet Ones

Performed by Blas Barragan, Jr., Joe Danher, Adam Lucas, Chris Nicholls, Pål Tore Holten
Additional backing vocals by: At Any Time, Brittany Hayes

Engineered by Tony Draper of Tony Draper Music
Mastered by Robin Schmidt of 24-96 Mastering
Produced by Chris Nicholls

"Freak Show" - written, arranged, played, produced, pressed, packaged and paid for by Always the Quiet Ones.



all rights reserved


Always the Quiet Ones Liverpool

"Effortlessly swinging between Oceansize- esque progressive rock, Butterfly Effect-like epic alt rock or simply fuzzy Smashing Pumpkins riffing the band are close to unstoppable. Live, they are a multi-headed monster of rock, drawing sizable crowds across the Northwest and, soon, the country. Check them out now while they are playing to a hundred people rather than a thousand." --HIGH VOLTAGE ... more

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Track Name: Sign of the Times
Now the wheel of time has spun
around again and back to one
strangers faces and an endless roar

Now the pitch has reached its peak
Can't always turn the other cheek
familiar faces and a never ending roar

Some things never seem to change
It's a sign of the times, sign of the times

There's the measure of a man
counted on a withered hand
ashen skin far duller than before

Frightened voices caution me
He sees through eyes that cannot see
The wheel is spun again, and an endless roar
Track Name: Valentina
Valentina, the spirit of all
things beautiful in this world
are woven together into one
intricate fabric of you
and subtly woven in those threads,
the heavens and hells of the bloom,
the halcyon fortitude of faith,
and the conquering vigor of love.

Valentina, this is our world,
made for lovers, from our dreams,
Valentina, this is our world,
this is our world

Valentina, the spirit of these
unbalanced thoughts and words,
are far better coalesced within
intimate moments of hush,
the delicate arras of your lips,
the uneven ridges of your spine,
and the poetry in your eyes,
unspoken, the words never fade.

Our entangled breathing,
spirit's plumes enwreathing,
our alcove, our bower,
whilst the dying cower,
our repose, our sanctum
in the shadow's hour.
Track Name: Freak Show
Desire, courage and faith, against these odds
The alter of legend, the foot of departed gods
Desire, desire, a shield against despair
The terror of failure a burden we must bear.

We are the freak show.

Power, riches, and fame, the stranger's call
The echo of laurels, precursor to the fall
Desire, desire, a strange vocation
When trembling, this life seems a rare sensation

We are the freak show.

Desire, courage, the brutal truth of odds
The alter of failure, the death of all our gods

We are the freak show.